6 Better Alternatives to Sell Your Stuff Online

Here Are 6 Better Alternatives to Sell Your Stuff Online

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Here are 6 Better Alternatives to Sell Your Stuff Online and start e-commerce Journey by selling on eBay because it was easy but over the years eBay.

6 Better Alternatives to Sell Your Stuff Online

6 Better Alternatives to Sell Your Stuff Online

Here are 6 Better Alternatives to Sell Your Stuff Online and start e-commerce Journey by selling on eBay because it was easy but over the years eBay has gotten significantly more competitive and numerous policy changes have led to sellers seeking alternatives to eBay now overall eBay is a great place to dip your toes in the waters and get used to selling online but it is a Marketplace that will eventually limit your growth here are my top eBay Alternatives that will make you more money eBay alternative number one is Amazon

1. Amazon.com

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer that allows third-party sellers to sell on their Marketplace and Amazon is eBay’s biggest competitor but Amazon is clearly winning the battle now when it comes to size and overall sales volume Amazon dwarfs eBay in 2019 Amazon generated 280 billion in Revenue compared to only 10. 8 billion for eBay in addition Amazon has over 310 million customers compared to eBay’s 167 million not only does Amazon have double the shoppers but their customers are loyal as well and over a third of Amazon Shoppers are Prime members and they are much more active than the average eBay buyer here’s just some fast facts about Amazon over 112 million people pay money for Amazon Prime the average Amazon Prime member spends 1. 3 K every year and the average non-amazon Prime member spends 700 every year now aside from size selling on Amazon carries a huge advantage over eBay and that Amazon offers a done-for-you fulfillment service called FBA.

Amazon FBA you don’t have to worry about carrying inventory and Amazon will handle shipping fulfillment customer service and storage for a reasonable fee and in fact Amazon FBA alone is a huge reason to sell on Amazon and overall you’ll make 10x amount of money selling in Amazon versus eBay now the only downside with Amazon is that both the startup cost and the level of competition is higher than eBay now having sold on Amazon for many years I can attest that Amazon is easily one of the most Cutthroat platforms to sawn and it’s filled with dirty sellers just waiting to sabotage you so here are the pros and cons of Amazon versus eBay here are the pros Amazon offers 10x to profit potential compared to eBay they have a fulfillment service called FBA which removes the need to carry inventory or fulfill your own orders Amazon Prime attracts loyal customers who are much bigger Spenders on eBay and Amazon’s extensive supply chain can store inventory closer to customers and deliver in a timely manner now in general eBay customers are just higher maintenance and Frugal and as a result eBay requires much more customer support than Amazon here are the kinds of Amazon though Amazon owns a customer and hides all customer information from you they’re constantly gathering information about your sales with the intention of competing with you and selling on Amazon.

Amazon requires a larger budget and more upfront resources than eBay Amazon is probably more cut through and competitive and Amazon charges a higher selling fee 15 versus 10 percent now it’s selling on Amazon right for you well eBay is a great place for selling certain products like used goods and collectibles whereas Amazon is a much better Marketplace for new and private label Goods now from my experience you can easily make 10 to 15 x more selling on Amazon than on eBay and not only that but the customers on Amazon have deeper pockets and are less price conscience with my online store over at bumblebee Linens we primarily sell on eBay just to liquidate our irregular Goods whereas we make six figures per year selling on Amazon alone now the dirty sellers on Amazon are annoying and Troublesome but you can avoid most Problems by staying under the radar and by signing up for Amazon brand registry eBay. read also

Amazon Drop shipping in good for newbie

2. Own Online Store

Shopify Bigcommerce and shift for shop are e-commerce platforms that allow you to start grow and manage your own online store website now opening your own online store is always the best eBay alternative when selling online not only do you own your own platform but you’re building a business that you can later sell at a high multiple now the main downside to selling in your own store is that you have to learn how to generate your own traffic which can take some time as a result the ramp up to profitability will generally be slower than selling an eBay which has a built-in audience but once you have your store up and running you can significantly scale your sales.

Well beyond the reach of eBay not only that but you’ll also establish your own brand when Shoppers buy from our eBay store they usually have no idea who they’re buying from but when they buy from your own branded store they will remember by owning your customer list it greatly opens up your marketing possibilities you can do email marketing Facebook Messenger marketing SMS marketing Facebook advertising Google ads and search engine optimization here are the pros of having your own site there are no selling fees and you get to keep all the profit you’re building your own brand you can attract repeat business because you own your customer list you’re not competing against other sellers on the same Marketplace and you have full control over the look and feel of your website it’s also really cheap to get started.

if you’re on shift 4shaft for example it’s free for anyone in the US here are the downsides to running your own store you have to learn how to drive your own traffic you must learn how to create a high converting website and the initial startup cost will be higher than eBay now is opening your own online store right for you well opening your own online store is the best eBay alternative and in order to build a long-term business you have to have your own brand and build your own customer list now starting your own online store is not expensive as I mentioned earlier you can start on shift workshop for free you can click on the link below for step-by-step instructions it’s also important to note that selling on your own store on eBay are not mutually exclusive you can use eBay to generate cash flow while focusing the bulk of your efforts on your own store eBay

3. Walmart

Walmart is an online brick and mortar retailer that operates a chain of supermarkets department stores and grocery stores worldwide now Walmart is actually Amazon’s primary competitor and they control the largest network of physical store locations in the world but for the past several years Walmart has been ramping up their third party online sales and growing an exponential rate of 40 year over year they also offer a fulfillment service that is very similar to Amazon FBA now the main advantage of Walmart is that they have a massive customer base and given their current trajectory of online growth Walmart could eventually overtake Amazon and e-commerce sales within the next decade now compared to eBay Walmart offers significantly more money making potential if you are willing to go through the setup process here are the pros of Walmart.

Walmart does not charge any setup or maintenance fees you just basically pay a referral fee of between eight and twenty percent whenever a sale is made Walmart is free to get started and their overall customer base is an order of magnitude larger than eBay they also offer a fulfillment service similar to Amazon FBA hear the downsides of Walmart you may end up competing against Walmart’s own Brands their online presence is currently smaller than eBay but rapidly catching up your margins will probably be lower also because Walmart demands the lowest prices there’s also no auction option only fixed price listings and the startup cost may be higher for example you’ll need a barcode to sell your own private label products and in general it’s a pain to set up your account and get approved compared to eBay so is Walmart right for you well to see it on Walmart you have to be in a position where you can offer competitive pricing and still make a decent profit because the Walmart third-party seller Marketplace isn’t fully mature yet I would focus my efforts on Amazon and your own shop first but if you’re Tapped Out on Amazon eBay and looking for more growth you should definitely give Walmart a shot just be prepared for some headaches as Walmart Works through some Growing Pains eBay alternative.

4. Bonanza

Bonanza is an online Marketplace that specializes in selling quirky and extraordinary products they Pride themselves on offering over 22 million unique one-of-a-kind products ranging from parts and accessories to furniture and pet supplies now from a seller’s perspective Bonanza is very similar to eBay and that you can sell a huge range of different products worldwide but the main difference is that Bonanza actually encourages you to establish a relationship with your customer as a result you can actually build your own customer list on their platform they don’t charge any listing or monthly fees and they only make money when a sale is made and they offer different commission based tiers depending on the level of advertising that you want Bonanza to take with your products for example you can pay a fee of 9 13 19 or 30 percent and higher rates mean more buyer visits from Google shopping and other advertising sources now if you decide to opt out of advertising you just pay 3.5 percent now overall.

I love bonanza’s business model because they encourage you to build a brand and unlike Amazon which hides your customer data and uses it to compete against you Bonanza writes a great balance between sales and branding now the main disadvantage is that banana is still relatively small and it’s safe to say that there are over 100 x smaller than eBay here are the pros of Bonanza their selling fees are extremely low at 3. 5 percent there are no listing fees and they send every item listing to Google and Bing and sellers have the option to get more exposure through their affiliate advertising program they have an easy to use import features for listings where you can just import your eBay listing right over and the ratio of Shoppers to sellers in Bonanza is much higher than eBay 1300 to 1 on Bonanza versus less than 10 to 1 on eBay which means less competition for you and finally you can build a brand in custom Melissa Bonanza here are the downsides Bonanza is significantly smaller than eBay in terms of sales and traffic they also offer limited customization in the layout of specific items and listings so is Bonanza right for you well if you have something cool to sell and you want to expand your reach to as many customers as possible the Bonanza is a good option to try out and over the years Bonanza has made it a priority to build platform specific tools to make selling online as easy as possible and the best feature of Bonanza is the ability to build customer lists within the platform now overall I don’t see Bonanza as having as much revenue potential as Amazon eBay or Walmart but it’s worth a shot to diversify your sales eBay alternate.

5. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a feature of the Facebook app that lets you buy and sell items in your local community now you can list items for sale and you can search for items to buy based on location and category now the Facebook Marketplace reaches over 1 billion monthly users worldwide and there are no listing fees in the product listing process is simple and straightforward once a sale has been made meta takes a five percent fee and releases your payment after your customer has received their products here are the pros of the Facebook Marketplace you get access to a large customer base of over 1 billion visitors the marketplace doesn’t charge any listing fees and Facebook’s five percent fee is much lower than eBay’s final value fees you can also communicate with your customers directly through Facebook Messenger. How the Shopping Ad Auctions Work

Moreover, here the downsides of Facebook Marketplace only Facebook users in the US have access to the online checkout feature Facebook also does not vet buyers or sellers which increases the chance of fraud now is the Facebook Marketplace for you well if you’re active on Facebook then you should definitely list your products on Facebook in addition to eBay by sharing your listings with your own community and related Facebook groups you can drastically improve the visibility of your products you can also run Facebook ads to improve your sales further and overall Facebook has a much larger built-in audience than eBay with greater potential for your products to be shared and liked eBay alternative

6. Wayfair

Wayfair is one of the largest online Home Furnishing marketplaces in the world that caters to the US Canada and the UK they attract over 80 million visits per month boasts over 19 million active customers and generates over 8 billion in sales every year now compared to eBay these numbers may seem low but Wayfair caters to a very specific clientele that loves to buy Home Goods in addition the Wayfair Marketplace has grown 40 percent year over year compared to eBay which has largely been stagnant for many years also unlike eBay Wayfair does not take a percentage of your sales instead they operate on a wholesale cost model which means that they pay sellers the wholesale cost for goods and they set the retail price here are the pros of selling on Wayfair you get access to a huge customer base that specifically caters to Home Goods you get real-time analytics of your revenue and sales and there’s custom onboarding to their platform here are the downsides though they pay for your Goods at the wholesale price which could be significantly less than eBay’s. Create a Discovery ads campaign for social advertisers

Marketplace fees also the goods that you can sell are limited to the home category so is Wayfair right for you well if you sell products for the home then Wayfair should definitely be on your radar screen overall Wayfarers Revenue numbers are in line with ebays except 100 of the customers are in the market for Home Goods as a result you can potentially make a lot more money selling Home Goods on Wayfair compared to eBay in addition Wayfair is growing at a much faster Pace in eBay and I wouldn’t be surprised if they overtake them in the next couple years so what is the best alternative to eBay for you well the best alternative really depends on what you sell for general merchandise I recommend selling on the following marketplaces in the following order priority your online store Amazon Walmart and Facebook overall building a strong brand with your own website should be your top priority but if you’re looking for the best eBay alternative Marketplace Amazon will give you the best bang for your buck selling on Amazon will almost always result in Greater sales and profit and should be the first Marketplace that you focus on but after Amazon it’s a toss-up between the rest depending on your specialty if you’re on the Home Goods sector then selling on Wayfair is a no-brainer and once you’ve maxed out on Amazon and eBay Walmart is worth a shot if you’re looking to reach a huge consumer base and are already an accomplished business with a solid brand hope you enjoyed this Article.


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