Create a Discovery ads campaign for social advertisers

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Creating and Managing  a Discovery ads campaign is simple. You can reach  your ideal customer at scale with a  single campaign. You enter the building blocks for your ads

Discovery ads campaign

we’ll show your ads to highly interested customers using the big goal and budget that you set. At the same time, it’s important to provide automation with the right, high quality ingredients to drive the best results. Follow these steps to get started with your first campaign(Discovery ads campaign). The first step is to select your main campaign objective and the conversion goals you want to drive performance towards. The goals selected here will be the primary optimization target for your Discovery campaign. Consider using the same goals for Discovery as you do for other social campaigns.

Discovery ads campaign

About Discovery campaigns

Discovery ads campaign

Once you’ve set up your conversion goals, select Discovery as your campaign type. Next, choose your campaign’s location and language settings. Now, select a bid strategy for your campaign. Make sure that your bid strategy also aligns with your business objectives. For example, if you were focused on maximizing conversion (Discovery ads campaign) value and different types of conversions generate different values for your business, choose “Conversion value. ” If you are focused on maximizing conversions, choose “Conversions” from the dropdown menu.

How the Shopping Ad Auctions Work

This is a good bid strategy to use if all conversions are worth the same to your business. Soon, budget and target forecasts will become available to help guide you in your decision. You can also add a cost-per-action (CPA) or return-on-ad-spend (ROAS)  target to your bid strategy. Not sure where to start? A helpful reference point is your average CPA or ROAS from the last 30 days on comparable campaigns (Discovery ads campaign) that are optimizing towards the same conversion goals. The campaign may also auto-suggest a CPA or ROAS target based on your historical account performance.

Discovery ads campaign

You can use this or edit the number as needed. After you set your bid strategy and targets, determine your campaign’s budget. You can click on “More Settings” to adjust other settings like, your ad serving schedule, or start and end date. (Discovery ads campaign) Tracking template and final URL suffix settings are also available here. Next, you’re going to create an ad group and select the Audiences you’d like to reach. We know who our audiences are, what they are searching for things they need, like products they want to buy, article topics they’re interested in, places they want to go.

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All of these touch-points across Google feeds create audience signals that allow you to expand and narrow your defined audience to personalize experiences for the right user at the right time. Additionally, you can apply Google’s AI powered audiences plus first party data to define an audience first strategy tied to your business goals.

Discovery ads campaign

Google’s real-time signals and machine learning allow you to find additional customers (Via Discovery ads campaign) and also re-engage past site visitors with your data and customer match. If you want to reach new customers with high purchase intent, use in-market audiences. If you’re already running search campaigns, you can use these three best practices to create


Reach your ideal customer at scale with a single campaign. You enter the building blocks for your ads—like headlines, high quality inspirational images, and logos—and we’ll show your ads to highly interested customers using the bid goal and budget that you set. Thanks to Google’s unique understanding of customer intent, you’ll be able to show more relevant, meaningful ads to people when they’re most interested to learn more about your products and services.

Discovery ads campaign


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