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Start Amazon Dropshipping on Amazon Step by Step for Beginners 2022

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Amazon DropShipping how to drop ship on amazon step by step for beginners you are welcome to my website i will guide you how to start DropShipping business on amazon step by step.

Amazon Dropshipping

so without further ado let’s get into it so first you need to visit the website and you need to create or sign up for a new account so to sign up you just need to provide your email and then you verify your email once you’re done then you can log in to your amazon account so this is my amazon account this is the main dashboard and over here you can see all the products here inside amazon and everyone knows amazon and you have 100 thousands of customers here so means there is a high possibility that the product that you will be listing here will be sold and you will be earning profit from here so if you are not familiar with Drop Shipping  so let me go ahead and discuss to you the Drops hipping  method but before you can start your Drop Shipping  the

What is dropshipping? How does it work?

first thing that you need to do is to look for a product that you want to sell so you need to do product research and after the product research you need to look for a supplier so once you have the product to sell so this is not the DropShipping  model so once you have your product listed inside the amazon then you will be getting a customer that will buy your product that you added inside the amazon and your customer will place order from amazon and pays you the retail price that you set inside the amazon store for example you price your product for two hundred dollars inside the amazon that is your store and then you forward your order to your supplier and you just pay your supplier for 150 dollars for that product and with that you will ask your supplier to directly ship the product to your customers address so with that once your customer received the order you will be getting the 50 profit this is the difference between the retail price that you set inside the amazon and the price that you pay from your supplier which is only 150 dollars.

Amazon Dropshipping


so that’s how the DropShipping  model works here so again the first thing that you need to do to start your DropShipping  business is to do your product research so you can go to google and look for the product that you want to sell and you need to make sure that these products that you will be adding to amazon are popular product or this is the product that everyone is looking for this month or for this season for example for the month of November and December the product that sold the most are Christmas decor products so on that season November to December you need to sell Christmas decor products for you to get a lot of profit so you just need to search here in google if what are the Christmas decor product that you can sell and once you have the uh product then you just need to look for a supplier so your supplier can be Alibaba and other sourcing / Distributers.

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So these are the known suppliers online a real Chinese multinational technology company the Alibaba and you can also let me go to google again and search for aliexpress aliexpress is also known as online retail service based in china and it’s also owned by Alibaba group but there are some products that are cheaper inside aliexpress compared to Alibaba and also there are some products that is more cheaper in Alibaba than Aliexpress you just need to look for these two suppliers here for your product that you want to sell inside the amazon so you just need to look for a supplier that can ship the product directly to your customers online and there’s a lot of supplier here online that you can contact and use for the product that you want to sell inside the amazon so once you have your product and you have your supplier then you just need to go to amazon again and over here you have this option which is the sell so just click here for you to apply so here become an amazon seller so more than half the units sold in our stores are from independent sellers so you can be one of the independent sellers so you just need to sign up here for you to start so here you have your information here here is what you expect if you will become a seller.

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Here inside the amazon and these are the things that you need for you to set up or to apply as their seller so you need to provide a valid government you should id or passport and then your recent bank account or credit card statement your chargeable credit card and your mobile phone so here you just need to provide your information and document and then they will verify your submission and once you get verified you can now start selling.

Amazon Dropshipping

so you can just hit this one here begin to start your application so once you’re verified as seller you can now start adding your product and to add a product you need to make sure that you have a high quality product image to add here inside the amazon for you to attract your customers if the photo from online is not clear then you can just direct message your supplier and ask for a clear or high quality image of their product for you to display or add here inside the amazon and also another tip for you to get more sales inside the amazon is the use of the keyword so you need to make sure that you will be using keywords in your product description or in your product title these keywords are the product name that most of the people here are buyer inside the amazon search here in this search box so for example

Amazon Dropshipping

for the Christmas décor let me just go ahead and search for Christmas so as you can see here these are the keywords Christmas night Christmas decoration Christmas three Christmas décor Christmas 3 storage bag and more you can also find more keywords here inside the Pinterest so Pinterest is a good software to use for you to find the right keywords that you need to use in your product title or in your product description because most of the information here inside the Pinterest are keywords or word.

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That most of your target customers are using when they search for product online so for example i will be clicking here the Christmas lights as you can see here they also have keyword here for holiday decoration Christmas tree lights holiday party and wedding party or lights so once you have the order you just need to create your order list and then you will send this order list to your supplier and you will ask your supplier to directly ship this products to your customers address and with their customers name so that’s how DropShipping  works so there’s need for you to get a storage place to store all your product and there’s need for you to purchase the product from supplier and send it to your customer you will be like a middle man between your supplier and your customer so I guess that’s all for today’s Article and thank you so much for Reading.


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