Install APK Files on Windows 11 PC without Emulator

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HI everyone in this Article I am going to show you how to install APK files on a Windows 11 PC installing APK files on Windows 11 is easy but a bit lengthy

Install APK Files on Windows 11

I’ll Guide you the complete process to make it easier for you so to run APK files on Windows 11 PC please follow the steps first of all you need to enable two features on your PC first check if virtualization is enabled on your PC

Install APK Files on Windows 11
Install APK Files on Windows 11

you can check it in the taskbar foreign if it says enabled then you are good to go otherwise you have to enable it from the BIOS or UEFI interface second you must enable the virtual machine platform feature in Windows 11.

virtual machine platform

you can enable it from the Windows features page foreign making the changes restart your PC now to run Android apps on Windows 11.


We need to install Windows subsystem for Android also known as WSA(Window Subsystem For Android) WSA creates a virtual machine on your PC which runs the Android apps install it from the Microsoft store


next open Windows subsystem for Android foreign go to the developer tab and enable the developer mode okay with WSA setup on your PC you are now ready to Install APK files on Windows 11.

windows-subsystem-android-install next

I’ll show you three different methods to do so you can use any one you like in this method we’ll use a simple GUI known as WSA PacMan Tool foreign follow through the installation process to get WSA PacMan

running on your PC once installed open WSA packman if everything is okay you should see disconnected notification here foreign now all you need is an APK file to install you can now install any APK file the same way you install an exe file on Windows just double click on it once installed the app will function just like any other software on your PC foreign menu you can pin it to the taskbar.

What is APK and how to use APK

windows-subsystem-android-install onwardinfo link
WSA PacMan Tool

Yyou can even uninstall it from the apps page in Windows setting foreign with APK installer on WSA APK installer on WSA Works similarly to the WSA PacMan in case WSA packman doesn’t work on your system you can use this alternative tool first of all get APK installer from Microsoft store open APK installer click on open APK file then select the APK file of any app or game that you want to install.

Install APK files on a Windows 11 PC
Install APK files on a Windows 11

Now you have successfully installed the Android app on your Windows device Method 3 install APK Files on Windows 11 with ADB Commands to run ADB Commands first we need to download SDK platform tools from the Android developer website. What is the difference between an app and an APK?

install APK Files on Windows 11 with ADB Commands

extract the downloaded zip folder open the platform tools folder move your APK file to this folder now type CMD on the address bar this opens the command prompt window here enter this ADB command .

install APK Files on Windows 11 with ADB Commands
install APK Files on Windows 11 with ADB Commands

once connected type ADB devices you should see a listed device here now we can install our desired APK through ADB to do so type adb. exe space install then type the file name with the dot APK extension more once the app has been installed you will see a success message here so guys this is how you install APK Files on windows 11.

Install APK Files on Windows 11

In order to run APKs on Windows 11 without an emulator, you must install the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA). It basically creates a virtual Android machine on your computer. It enables you to sideload APK files of your favorite apps and games on your Windows 11 PC.

⮞ Windows Subsystem for Android:

⮞ WSA PacMan Tool:

⮞ Apk Installer on WSA:


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