What is URL Rotation? How to Build Your Own Link Rotator

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What is URL Rotation? and how it helps in your marketing campaigns? and how you can build your own URL rotation tool on a WordPress website?

What is URL Rotation?

What is URL Rotation? and how it helps in your marketing campaigns? and how you can build your own URL rotation tool on a WordPress website?

Link Rotator:

All of this will be explained in this lecture also at the end of this lecture we will have a free giveaway so stay tuned and follow up ¬†okay friends so what is URL rotation? let’s make things very easy by taking this small example you are a marketer maybe a CPA marketer maybe an affiliate marketer or maybe you have your own website your own service and you are marketing it what you do simply usually we create a landing page and we share this landing page maybe on social media maybe using email marketing maybe using Bing ads or Google Ads and so on whatever marketing system.


You are using you are marketing this landing page this URL of the landing page now as a good practice you will create multiple landing pages and start promoting them all together and then you can see which will perform better so you can optimize your campaigns later now with URL rotation you can get all these landing pages all these URLs and put in the URL rotation service and this service will automatically give you only one URL to market to advertise and then automatically rotate between different landing pages according to your options you can say as an example landing page one will get 30% of the clicks landing page 2 will get 20% of the clicks and so on. Create a Discovery ads campaign for social advertisers

Multiple Landing Page:

You can share now only one link and automatically it will rotate between multiple landing pages or multiple offers or multiple links so you can understand which landing page is performing better it’s really very important if you understand the idea also if you combine this with a URL shortener to track links as I mentioned in my last section on my last lecture when I talk about URL shortening and how to track URLs if you haven’t watched it yet please check the description you’ll find the link about this Article.

URl Shortner:

it’s very important also so if you combine both URL rotation with URL shortener you get awesome results you can track which landing page exactly is converting the most in your campaign so you can optimize all the upcoming campaigns according to your results this is how marketers study their campaigns so this is about URL rotation in brief let’s see now how you can create your own URL rotation service very easily inside your WordPress website for free if you don’t have a WordPress website please check my description below I have two Articles about installing WordPress very easily on your own server so you can install WordPress and test if you want if you don’t have it’s okay just follow with me these two minutes to understand this idea it’s very important and please wait until the end of this lecture because.

WordPress Plugin:

want to share with you a free give away so here I am inside my WordPress website just go to plugins to install a new plugin click add new and then click upload plug-in click Choose file and I will go to my desktop I have this plug-in here WP split test just open it I will share this plug-in in the description below you can find the link to download if you want so click install now you can see it’s very simple okay the plugin installed successfully just activate the plug-in and that’s it you can see how easy is this now go to settings and you will see something called split test URL rotator here you can create your links here it allows you to select a page just say sample page and click on save very nice now go to landing pages and here you can create a new rotation click add rotation.

Marketing Campaign:

let’s say the profile test whatever you can name it by your marketing campaign or whatever you want how many URLs you want to rotate let’s say I have three URLs and here it is it allows you to enter your landing page with its weight the weight is the percentage how much this landing page will appear with respect to the whole campaign or the total number of URLs so let’s say I want to go to my website I will enter anything now let’s say YouTube this will be 40 as weight the second landing pages will be my website h-educate.Com.

Landing Page Links:

whatever this will be also 40 and Google will be as an example 20% of course here you will enter your landing page links and not YouTube and Google and such things but just as an example you enter this and now click on Save and click Add very nice you can see now we have this test profile is running now it says refresh to view click on refresh and refresh the page and here is a single URL that will be used in your campaigns let’s copy it and say here operate here we can see now YouTube opened if you try to test again okay this is my website you can see it’s rotating automatically between my URLs if we now refresh and go to the analytics you will see that we have one click on YouTube one on h-educate and zero on Google as I told you if you combine this URLs and insert them in a URL shortener to track them this will help you really a lot so.

Split Test Rotator:

That’s it this is how you can install this small split test rotator in your WordPress website and start your own URL rotation service ok now it’s time for the giveaway I will select one of you to get a free WordPress hosting for one year just comment below like the Article subscribe to my channel and I will choose at the end of this month one of you to get free WordPress hosting for one year one total year12 months so that’s it thank you for following and see you later thank you for following if you liked the Article don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to like the Article and to press on the bell for notifications you can also view our other lectures thank you and see you in other Articles


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